Grab Sediment Sampler

Product specifications
  • Product name: Grab Type Mud Extractor (Peterson Mud Extractor, Grab Mud Bucket)
  • Specifications: Material: 304 stainless steel
  • Sampling depth: 20m
  • One sampling volume: 3L, opening size 10cm*20cm, net weight about 4Kg.
  • One sampling volume: 5L, opening area 15cm*29cm, net weight about 5.5Kg.
  • Size: 3L: 250*125*440mm 5L: 305*150*480mm


The Grab Sediment Sampler is a tool used in environmental studies to collect sediment samples from water bodies. It features a claw-like mechanism that quickly closes upon contact with the sediment, capturing a representative sample. This device aids in analyzing sediment composition and pollutant levels for ecological assessment and monitoring purposes.