Colony counter

  • Compact structure makes it less space occupation. Adapted for various
  • The LED light can be adjusted to make an ideal perspective for the operator.
  • It will beeps while counting, which can avoid wrong counting.
  • Unique Up-light source makes it convenient to count bacteria that is hard to observe.
  • Specified designed counting pen to ensure no omit of the cells.
  • Wide-range voltage design. Avoid the interference to the equipment by instable voltage.


  • BSC-2S is a high-tech colony counter, known for its user-friendly functions and excellent ergonomics. It can accurately count all the culture media (culture dishes, filters) used in microbiology.
  • Place the petri dish on the pressure-sensitive glass surface, and you can use any felt-tip marker to press and count, and there will be a pleasant beep when counting, and the accumulated data will be displayed on the LED screen immediately. The touch sensitivity of the pressure sensor can be adjusted to adapt to different culture vessels and user habits. With the function of manually increasing or decreasing the counting button, the repeated counting or missing counting can be corrected during operation.
  • The internal LED lighting system is glare-free and the luminosity is adjustable, which makes the colony form a sharp contrast view to adapt to the difficult-to-observe microorganisms in the culture container. The grid size is moderate, which is convenient for accurate counting by blocks.
  • The large frameless magnifying glass (which can achieve magnification of 3 times or 9 times of observation and counting) and the unique upper light source compensation illumination make the microbial appear completely, and the counting operation to be much easier.
Technical Data BSC-2 BSC-3 BSC-2S
Lighting Matrix LED(White light) Matrix LED(White light) Matrix LED(White light)
Digital display 3 digits
Counting range 0-999
Counting method Touch pen Touch pen Force touch
Compatible petri dish 50-90mm 50-150mm 50-90mm
Input voltasge(frequency) AC 100-240V(50/60Hz)
Input power 20W 40W 20W
Magnification 3-9 Times
Protective class IP21
Permissble ambient temperature 80%