SM Series Slump Cone(Also Known as Abrams Cone)

These slump cones determine the slump of concrete in the laboratory or field. Model SM-ES cone is spun from heavy gauge steel and is seamless to provide a stronger, more durable product that is easy to clean. All parts are plated for rust resistance. 20 cm Dia base, 10 cm Dia top and 30 cm height.


Model No Dimension Weight Remark
100x200x300 2.0 Seamless spun steel
SM-EG 100x200x300 2.0 Galvanized
SM-EP 100x200x300 2.0 Blue
SM-EB 100x200x300 2.0 Black
SM-LG 100x200x300 3.0 Galvanized
SM-PL 100x200x300 0.7 ABS plastic with funnel
SM-HS 100x200x300 1.5 S/S