Compression test machine

A compression test machine, also known as a compression testing machine or compression tester, is a device used to determine the compressive strength of materials and components. It is a crucial instrument in material testing laboratories, construction sites, and manufacturing facilities to assess the mechanical properties and quality of various materials, such as concrete, metals, plastics, rubber, and more.


Code SYE-2000D SYE-3000D
Features Electric screw, Protect cover Electric screw, Protect cover
Accuracy class Class one
Max load capacity 2000KN 3000KN
Compression space 320mm 340mm
Piston stroke(mm) 50 80
Size of upper compression plates(mm): 240×240 265×265
Size of lower compression plates(mm) 300×250 360×285
Dimension (load frame mm) 950x420x1350 1000x500x1500
Power 380V, 50Hz, 1.3kW 380V, 50Hz. 1.3kW
Weight(kg) 950 1500