AASHTO T131, EN 196/3, DIN 1164, DIN 1168 GYPSUM NF P15/431, BS4550, ASTM C191, ASTM C187

Automatic Vicat Apparatus 63-L3000 provides a completely automatic method for determining the initial and final setting time of cements or mortar pastes.


MODEL 63-L3000
Time control Resolution: 0.1S Accuracy: s10.15
Displacement Range: 0-50mm Resolution: 0.01mm Accuracy: 0.1mm
Data storage 200 sets
Slide assembly 300g 1g (including test rod/test needle)
Interface RS485/USB
Size of upper compression plates(mm): 240×240 265×265
Accessories Supporting glass plate 10mm Consistency plunger 01.13 mm needle and 70/80mm conical mold to EN (01 mm needle and 60/70mm conical mold to ASTMAASHTO optional
Dimensions 390 x 310x575mm (length x width x height)
Power supply 220+10% VAC/50Hz; maximum 40W